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Behind the Lyrics - "We Surrender'

by Gene Ezell on 04/29/13


Two years ago, I was walking out of a session at NSAI’s Song Camp and started thinking about how important it is that we surrender every part of ourselves to our Lord’s will for our lives.  The more I thought about the concept of ‘surrender’, as all songwriters do J, I decided to try writing a song about it.  The result was ‘We Surrender’ which ended up winning a national songwriting contest for my co-writer and me !


1. We Surrender was written to be a corporate praise song.  I wanted to write a song that could be sung by a congregation any time during a worship service, but especially following the observance of Communion.  A lot of times when I write, lyrics and melodies come fairly easily to me; however, the only lines I had that day were two lines that ended up in the chorus:


 2. ‘We surrender to your tender love’—This is something I think of every time I observe communion because that is what I am doing---giving up myself in order to let God have His way in my life.  I have to get out of the way so He can work through me, and He is all I need (Jesus You are enough).


 The other line came as an association of what is observed during Communion, that is the wafer and juice representing Christ’s body and blood and we take these elements into our bodies representing that we are taking Christ into our lives.  I wanted a specific reference in the song to speak to this relationship, and Chris helped refine this by offering, “We empty ourselves so you can fill us up, With your body and blood overflow our cup.”  These two lines beautifully state that concept.


In the little church where I grew up, we went aisle by aisle down to an altar (or prayer bench) when we took communion.  I had that picture vividly in mind as I wrote the first verse—bowing before the Lord and offering ourselves to Him as we observed communion.


Then, verses 3 and 4 are intended to describe what should occur after we observe the communion ritual and then go on about our daily lives.  We are to take that relationship with Christ in us as we go into the world, trusting in Him to lead and guide us in ‘every choice we make and everything that we do.’  Also, since Christ gave His life for us—‘He paid the highest cost’, then we owe our lives, our salvation to Him—‘our lives are in Your hands.’


I love the flow of the lyrics and melody and chords and how they come together so sweetly to declare that I know I can’t do it by myself, but all I have to do is ‘let go and let God’ take over.  All we have to do is follow Him with all of our heart, mind and soul and let Him be in charge.


Chris and I then met at his house to finalize the lyrics, melody, chords, etc.  I knew when Chris sang the first guitar/vocal rough of the song that it portrayed the exact sentiment of what we were trying to get across—less of me, more of Him, get me out of the way and lead me according to Your will in my life.


You can hear the song, We Surrender, at: and scroll down to ‘We Surrender’ !! J


Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy the song !





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